Queen Cleo Cocktails

Queen Cleo can work her charm in many delicious cocktails.
Soak up some of our favourite recipes below and try them at home!


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Pineapple Daiquiri

1. Chill your glass

2. Add the following to your shaker:​​

  • 50ml Queen Cleo Spiced Rum

  • 25ml Lime Juice

  • 35ml Pineapple Juice

  • 10ml Sugar Syrup (optional)

  • Ice

3. Shake and fine strain into your glass

Queen of the Seas

1. Ice your glass

2. Add the following:

  • 50ml Queen Cleo Rum

  • 50ml Ginger Beer

  • 50ml Pink Grapefruit Juice

  • Pink Grapefruit Wedge Garnish

Captain's Orders (Spiced Rum Old Fashioned)

1. Add the following ingredients to ice in a stir glass (or make straight into your rocks glass)

  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

  • 12.5ml Sugar Syrup

  • 50ml Queen Cleo Spiced Rum

2. Stir and Strain into your chilled glass

3. Pinch orange peel to release orange oils 

Sour Queen

1. Dash of Angostura Bitters

2. 50ml Queen Cleo Rum

3. 25ml Fresh Lime

4. Egg White

5. Shake with & without ice

6. Strain (hawthorn & fine) 

Spiced Mojito

1. Muddle the following in your glass:

  • 3 Lime Wedges (25ml lime juice)

  • 12.5ml Sugar Syrup (25ml if you like it sweeter)

2. Bash 6 -10 mint leaves and add to glass

3. Fill your glass with crushed ice

4. Add 50ml Queen Cleo Rum

5. Churn ingredients with a bar spoon and finish with a soda top

Stormy Cleo

1. Add ginger beer to an iced class (about an inch from the top)

2. Add straw and garnish.

3. Slowly pour 50ml Queen Cleo Rum on top to ensure it floats.

Cleo & Cola

1. Add 50ml Queen Cleo Rum to an iced class 

2. Squeeze of Lime

3. 100ml Fever Tree Cola

4. Lime Garnish

Apple Cider & Cinnamon Punch

1. Add the following ingredients into your glass with ice in the order listed bellow:

  • 50ml Queen Cleo Rum

  • 10ml Lime Juice

  • 12.5ml Apple Juice

  • Medium - Medium Dry Cider Top

2. Garnish with Cinnamon and Lime

3. Flame cinnamon powder on top (if you're a fancy pro...)

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