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Updated: Jul 13

The weather has had us all kinds of confused recently! However, this week is set to see the return of summer with a scorcher of a weekend coming up! Get your ice trays ready - you're going to need them!

If you're yet to experiment with ice hacks, we're on hand to give you a few ideas to jazz up your gin. Not only will these simple ideas keep your gin super cool, they'll also look damn pretty and are a sure-fire way to impress your friends at your next garden party!


Love yourself a pink gin? These are super easy - grab your favourite berry garnishes (think red fruits such as raspberries and strawberries), pop them into your ice cube tray, top up with water and freeze. Not only will these look great, but as the ice and fruit dissolve, your gin will infuse with the berry flavours. These little babies make the perfect garnish to a floral and fruity gin,

Lemon & lime WEDGES

If you're anything like us, you hate waste. So many times we find half a mouldy lime or lemon sitting in the back of the fridge that could have had a home in our scrumptious gin! To cut down on waste, simply cut your lime or lemon wedges into small wedges and freeze with boiled water in your ice trays. You can also simply slice your limes and lemons and freeze them without water - the perfect garnish and drink cooler in one!


Guaranteed to get lots of 'ooohhs' and 'ahhhhs' as you serve up to your friends - these beautiful floral ice cubes are super simple, yet so beautiful! They work really well in floral gins (try elderflower) and not only do they look gorgeous, but will add flavour to your gin, too.


There's nothing better than being served an ice cold G&T with crystal clear cubes. You've probably wondered how your favourite bars and restaurants get their ice so clear - us too. It's actually pretty simple. Boil the kettle (twice) to get rid of all the gas from your water - let it cool, then freeze. Your gin game just got so much cooler.


Love a gin basil smash but never have any basil in the house? Enjoy a rosemary garnish with your London Dry but never seem to have any in your garden?! Grab a packet of fresh herbs from your local supermarket and freeze them using cooled boiled water. Elevate your cocktails in seconds!

Enjoy these quick ice hacks and share your creations with us on Instagram or Facebook. Let us know your favourite using #littleginandrumco.

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