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Hen Party Activities that Everyone will Love

Organising a hen party is tough. There’s no getting away from it. From the panic of who to invite (and the fear of accidentally missing off Nanna Pat from the invite list), to trying to get agreement from all the invitees on what activities they want – or don’t want – to get involved with is nigh on impossible. We’ve attended a LOT of hen parties, so you might call us somewhat the experts in throwing the perfect event. We know choosing activities that everyone loves is tough, so here’s our top recommendations that your entire group will love (sorry, no strippers here!):

1. Floral Crown Making

This is such a great activity for everyone to get involved with! Floral crown making has become really popular at hen parties – it’s a unique activity that gets everyone together, chatting and getting creative over a glass of prosecco (or in our case, gin!). It’s the perfect activity to try when you need a bit of 'downtime’ on the weekend. You can grab kits online, or use your imagination with florists wire and fake flowers.

2. Knicker Decoration

Similar to crown making in that it’s simple, creative and relaxing – just a little more naughty! Get each of your party to grab a pair of their undies and get creative! Think sparkles, glitter, sewing on flowers or whatever else takes your fancy. We reckon Nanna Pat’s undies would be a hilarious addition to proceedings!

3. Life Drawing

Think stripper, but classier?! We’ve seen Life Drawing classes becoming really popular as an activity at hen parties recently. It’s a fun way to include a little naughtiness but toned down to suit all invitees – including the Bride’s mum! Expect uncontrollable giggling, terrible drawings and out of proportion appendages…

4. Gin & Cocktail Tasting

What better way to inject some fun into your party than with an expert host tasting you through multiple delicious beverages in your own home, garden or venue! Think gin, cocktail or mocktails – there’s something for everyone to try and love!

5. Mobile Chefs &/or Bars

Whether it’s a naked chef or a private (fully clothed) one, hiring someone in to create mouth-watering meals for you and your party means less time spent cooking and washing up, and more time making fab memories for you and your Bride! Alternatively mobile bars such as our lovely horse box gin trailer, or mobile bar, can provide both a fantastic spectacle and a delicious menu of drinks for everyone to enjoy.

We hope we’ve inspired you with a few activities that will suit your entire party! We’re always happy

to help make your event go with a gin-fuelled bang – so do get in touch to discuss our flexible packages.

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