Conker Spirit Bowser Leaf - 70cl Bottle
  • Brought to you by Dorset's Conker Spirit Distiller, Bowser LEAF is an exploration of the fresh, herbaceous foliage of plants, derived entirely from the spring water distillation of five honest botanicals.

    A genuine alcohol-free alternative to your G&T. Bowser LEAF & tonic is crisp and bright, with a big botanical flavour and intriguing dryness punctuating every sip.

    Mint, Tarragon, Patchouli, Thyme and Basil come together to deliver a lively and complex alcohol-free drinking experience like no other. A fresh bouquet of savoury green flavour, spice and natural sweetness pops from the glass, with a moreish and lingering dryness.

    Conker Spirit Bowser Leaf - 70cl Bottle

    SKU: CSBL70